EssentraGlobally represented, FT top 250 company, Filtrona were looking for a new company name that would transport them into a new era of post-‘filter’ specialization and diversified essential product supply. Our friends at The Brand Union called on our specialist naming services and we supplied a number of shortlisted names that fulfilled the brief of a name that conveyed the sense of small but powerful components that enable machinery and businesses to integrate and function.

Filtrona’s decision makers decided on ESSENTRA, a name whose meaning ‘essential and central (component products)’ best embodied the core offer of their diversified group. These two key words also had near global recognition and so showed a common meaning across the large majority of their markets.

The link through the –a coda and the three syllable rhythm ES-SEN-TRA provides memorable and compelling continuity with their old name. Its length also made trademark validation and registration a less onerous task than it would almost certainly have been for a shorter name.