This was a re-brand project we carried out with PS Consultancy. We had to find a new name for Eneica: an energy management company that incorporates energy management, particularly alternative energy, installation, monitoring, training and accreditation. For such a range of services that were nevertheless all focused on the area of energy and alternative energy, we found the descriptive names to be most effective in communicating the service benefits and context.


Genien covered a number of strategic communication bases: ‘academic accreditation’ and ‘inspired solutions/management’ with gen-(ius); the ‘energy’ context with the -en suffix and the gen(eration) idea and with a fleeting reference to sustainability in the g[r]e(ni)en layout, we also checked the ‘new energy’ context. We were fortunate, for a name of this length, that the and .com were both available, as the whole process from project start to the launch of a temporary website including detailed trademark clearance searches for the top two names took a little over two weeks. This was justa as well as the client wanted to use this in their first meeting three days after we had fully checked and confirmed the trademark’s availability.