Charity W4B, or Wireless for the Bedridden, wanted a name for the 21st century not one that harked back to the days of valve radio and housewives choice. Wireless for the Bedridden provides communications assistance for the ill and house-bound and was named at a time when ‘technology’ was defined as ‘the science of the industrial arts’ rather than the digital microcosm many of us live in awe and ignorance of today. The word ‘bedridden’ is also a description of disempowerment and infirmity that is more evocative of stories from the Bible than medical and social welfare.

WAVELENGTH has, in this second decade of the 21st century, two main meanings: ‘I. [physics] the distance between successive crestss of a wave, especially as the distinctive feature of sound, light, radio waves, etc. II. a person’s way of thinking when communicated to another.’*  We all felt that WAVELENGTH had the perfect blend of a core social interaction with technological re-assurance and knowledge.

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