Kellogs Mini Max

Kelloggs MINI MAX is a cereal of crunchy parcels of baked wholegrain that provide a balance between nutrition and taste. This name highlights our Euro credentials as a naming company as both words not only work in the three key markets of the UK, France and the Netherlands, but also are well known across much of the rest Europe.

The rationale behind the name for this product naming project was of 4-10 year old children (mini) being given the maximum nutritional benefit (max) for their pre-school breakfast. The name also conjures images of cartoon characters and sounds fun to eat and look at. It is also descriptive of the wheat parcels themselves: a perennial product naming impasse being how to conveniently describe in language common to all markets the not so conveniently shaped and consisted food.

The rhythmical syllables, pounding out like a rapid drum-beat have a suggestive and provocative energy and vigour like that provided by the food itself and like the emerging school day. The sound symbolism of the name also suggests ‘small’ (people/things) who are the object of care and affection.