Kellogs Optivita

We wanted to find a name that explored the product benefits of ‘healthiness’, particularly of the ‘heart’, and ‘a good life’. We found that the Latinate base Opti(m)- had good pan-european reach, especially into the languages of Spain, Italy and Portugal where it has been recently been rolled out and was certainly within the target of eight European languages we were working with. Vita ‘life’ in Latin and widely recognisable as vital, vitality and vitamin is a strong second element conveying ‘life’ and ‘energy’ and, again worked well in all target languages. The combined meaning of ‘best life’ conveyed the essential ‘healthy lifestyle’ message whilst the ‘heart health’ message was cannily conveyed by the designer’s heart-shaped V.

Sound symbolically the series of short syllables conveys ‘energy’ and ‘lightness’ as do the short and long ‘i’s. The four syllable, two beat pronunciation pattern has a complementary rhythm and balance mirroring the message of dietary balance.