Twix Fino

We were looking for a brand name that reflected the product’s qualities of ‘lightness’, ‘slimness’ & ‘fine-ness’ in a range of European languages. We explored several options, among them English & paneuropean synonyms for lightness, creating a comprehensive inventory of metaphors for lightness that we were able to very quickly list using our Argo program.  We categorised & tabulated synonyms in the major languages we were working in so that all options were thoroughly explored.

We settled on a word that means ‘fine’, light’ in Spanish and Italian and is similar to French fin ‘fine’ and English fine.  It also derives from pan-european word finesse, identical or recognisable in at least ten European languages. FINO was also sound symbolically highly appropriate, where the ‘lightness’ of the initial f, ‘smallness and lightness’ of the i, ‘openness and energy’ of the final –o and uncluttered consonant structure worked in simple harmony.