Brand name ZADINA is a westernized and diminuitive version of zada Arabic for ‘boost’ which reflects one of the central brand pillars of ‘healthiness’.

This was a name that we created with the help of the delightful Ms Ghada Fikry of Al Foah. One of the other pillars, ‘luxuriousnesss’, proved harder to fulfil for the largely global market that our friends at Al Foah had in mind. ZADINA performs this task wonderfully with its simple word structure, Arabic Z and visual harmony of the two a’s, important vowel sounds in Arabic’s small vowel inventory.

Festival of Dates at Zadina on Zayed the 1st Street, Abu Dhabi. Following a period of testing, sampling and development, Zadina has managed to create less traditional products.

Dates are one of those original superfoods that Arabia has been quietly making hay with whilst we in Europe and the UK have been making do with rather more mundain foods like cranberries and broccoli. See the data below.


Dates are packed to the brim with necessary vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin A1, Vitamin B1, potassium, copper, niacin and iron. They are good for your blood, heart and bones. They are also very high in fiber, making them effective for a healthy digestive system.

The high content of magnesium and fiber found in dates makes them a very good cancer fighter. People from Middle Eastern countries that consume lots of dates have much lower instances of cancer than in people in other parts of the world.