To help you understand Appella’s creative naming services better, we have designed a range of car names – suitable for vehicles that are considered small, fast and/or stylish – purely as an example of our brand naming service. But don’t forget that Appella’s expertise encompasses everything from company name creation to global brand name conception, validation and legal protection.

Click on the words in the triangle to see what brand names we’ve thought of and how they meet the brief. If you would like to use any of these car brand names please do, on condition that you tell us beforehand and let us mention it in our marketing.


small & fast
stylish & fast
small & stylish

small & stylish & fast

We’ve checked all these car brand names for availability and suitability in Europe but do not guarantee that they will always be available for your target markets, unless of course you commission us to do all the appropriate name clearance and verifcation procedures required.