the eponym

Cinzano celebrates its 250th anniversary this year 2011. Congratulations Cinzano and cheers! What a remarkable achievement, testimony to a great product and a great brand name.

Brothers Carlos and Giovanni Cinzano, who had started their family business as distillers in the town of Pecetto near Turin in 1757, created the new ‘vermouth rosso’ in 1761. A few years later, the Cinzano Bianco was also created.

This name is so quintessentially Italian, with its C sound like the ch– in ch-eers and the variably pronounced and enigmatically enlarged middle Z. The energetic final ‘o’ vowel, the consonantal N rhyme and the three syllable spread just suffuse this name with Italianate articulatory joy.

The exotic provenance matches its stylish name and also the wealth of thirty five aromatic and herbal ingredients in the original recipe.