the blend

QUINK is a blend of quick and ink, short for quick drying ink, and was created by Parker Pens in 1931. Its invention eliminated the need for blotting paper and led to the development of the most widely used model of fountain pen in history (over $400 million worth of sales in its 30 year history) the Parker 51.

The QUINK blend has the additional benefit of blending at the syllable focus, theĀ  i vowel, and retaining much of each of the blended words in the final name: the whole of the second word ink is visible and the final letter (and phoneme) k of the first word quick are also visible. This made it: a) relatively short and b) aesthetically attractive. This is coupled with its being a very English word type, qu pronounced as KW and the final -ink which is a very English word ending. Consequently, this appears as a typical English word that has accidentally become branded whereas the opposite is true. This allows the brand to become lexicalised that is easier to enter into the mainstream vocabulary. It also makes a typically modern word type look more established and traditional in keeping with the gravitas of the leading brand of writing implements. Really quite subtle product naming if not creating the most pronounceable name overseas.