Truth in Brand Names

Many people are aware of advertising standards. Brands cannot make false claims regarding their products nor can they degrade competitors. While this false advertising may not be news, there are also restrictions on brand names. While it is fairly well known that descriptive lines are not normally protectable as brand names under trademark law, some […]

How Creative Suffixes Help Brands Get Attention

In past blogs, we’ve written about trends that occur over the years for brand names. Some of these include the .com naming trend, blended names, and even numbers in names. Though some trends have slowed down or have all but disappeared, new trends are always appearing as times change. One particularly interesting trend is the […]

Hoover or Vacuum? What Happens When Product Names Become Products

In our last blog, we explored brand name trends and how they begin. As unique as they start, trends also die out for a variety of reasons. But this dying out of brand names is often due to cultural shift. This can be the result of a variety of changes in the economy, global and […]

Brand Name Trends Through the Years – What’s Nxt?

Trends in brand and product names tend to sweep through the country leaving no industry unturned. From automotive to food, trends for brand names can be the result of anything from politics to pop culture. Some trends have transcended the common expiration date and are still alive today. In the 1970s, “x” suffixing and prefixing […]

The Use of Numb3rs in Br4nd Name5

The use of numbers in brand naming is seen all over the world and throughout industries from automotive to food to technology. The use of numbers can have a variety of purposes such as details about a product or service, an association with the brand’s history, or simply to stand out. Beyond the previously sought-after […]