the Appella process

In our initial brand naming consultation, we send you a brief template to fill in before, ideally, meeting with you to analyse the brief and to explore aspects of it that you may have overlooked. We then research your competitor name context and any internal portfolio via a competitor set name map. 

Using our unique black box, together with our lexicon of globally recognisable words, the appella lexipedia as well as linguistic and trade marking expertise in creation and validation, our aim is then to create a longlist and shortlist of suitable brand names. This may be for company naming, service or product naming. Although we specialise in European and global brand naming, our most familiar name, the London transport smart card system the Oyster card, was a UK naming project.

Our validation and name selection process using our global negative word database, localized linguists, global phonetics and brand match testing is scrupulously collated and presented and is a hallmark of the rigour and attention to detail that we operate by.

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we have no awkward name buyout clause, so all shortlisted names are yours to choose from or use for as long as you like, within reason. There is a small additional charge for any names used over and above the primary selected name.

Our preferred brand name creation turnaround, from zero brief to presentation, is 10 – 20 working days depending on global scope.