the descriptive name

There are a number of reasons why a descriptive brand name might be appropriate. Maximizing consumer appeal is not usually one of them. However, when safety & security are of premium concern, then a modified descritpive name can work. For MOTHERCARE the paramount consideration is the ‘care by, of & for a mother.’ Job done.

These descriptive name types are, typically, of the pre-1980’s brand name revolution era, a time when some of the more arcane & adventurous brand names started to emerge. MOTHERCARE was founded by Selim Zikha in 1961 as a re-branding of an even older name eponymous name type W.J Harris, which was a nursery furniture chain.

The CARE qualifier adds a succinct, and simple, variation on the descriptive theme of baby care and motherhood etc. Another adjective such as love, too cosy, sure, too bland or good, too unusual, might have worked but would have lacked the simple elegance of care.