Louise Doherty

CEO & Founder, PlanSnap “Choosing a good name is both a science and an art – Appella excels at both…Read more→

Girish Upadhyay

Head Media Planning & Buying, Tata Motors “When we called on Appella, we were under extreme pressure to find a new name for our ZICA car, poised for global launch… Read more →

Tim Leech

CEO, Wavelength “I cannot speak too highly of  Appella. They really were there for Wavelength. We needed to change our…  Read more →

Leo Gestetner

CEO, Heath Capital “Appella They have done a great job of finding a name for a new company I am…  Read more →

Irina Semenova

CRT Services “We came to Appella not having worked with external naming agency before. The process and methodology were strange…  Read more →

Dmitri Loginov

International Sales Director, EOCORTEX
“We chose Appella because they offered a suitably global solution, with a breadth and depth of resource to match our needs…
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Kelly Gleason

CEO, Clinfield “Appella developed a brilliant name for our brand as well as creating the ‘look & feel’. The whole…  Read more →